Bright's Competitive Advantage

Guangmingfa's Competitive Advantage:

1. The market share of leading products is dominant. With its excellent business performance, the company has established a solid "bright hair" brand image among domestic and foreign users.

2,Compared with other enterprises in the same industry, the company has a greater advantage in terms of technical strength. This is mainly manifested in: the company has absorbed a mature plastic machinery technology design and development team from the early days of its business. After nearly 20 years of professional production of plastic products, it has accumulated rich experience in product development, design and manufacturing. At the same time, a complete technology development system has been established. The company has strong research and development capabilities and test methods. During the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the company realized the full application of CAD systems, shortened the product development cycle, and made users more satisfied. The company's many main products have reached the international and domestic advanced level.

3. The company not only has a batch of advanced large-scale CNC machine tools and special cold working equipment, but also has a variety of processing methods such as heat treatment, casting, welding, etc., and masters the proprietary technology of many key processes. In terms of manufacturing and processing capabilities, The company has greater advantages. The entrepreneurial spirit of striving for perfection and pursuing "0" error is fully demonstrated in the production process and quality inspection procedures.

4. Through the continuous improvement of the marketing service network, the company provides users with a variety of plastic daily necessities. The company's business purpose is to provide customers with first-class products and services through continuous technological innovation and management innovation, and create the best benefits to repay shareholders. Contribute to society.