Investment Promotion

in line with the market trend, the company's product strategy in the past three years will tilt to the three grades of high, medium and low plastic daily necessities. With the unique quality, price, service and other advantages of these products in their respective markets, the company will gradually develop the depth and breadth of the company's operation.

In order to enable more enterprises to get the company's fast and effective services, at the request of the head office, we are currently looking for intermediaries and distributors in China and adding agents. We still have more than 80 percent of the market yet to be developed. Huge market, huge development opportunities, sincerely welcome you to join!

Even if you don't have any investment funds, as long as you have "channels" and honest professionalism, I believe you will be able to achieve a double harvest of getting rich and starting a business!

Proxy content:

[1] as an intermediary, do not need any conditions, as long as can promote the company's products, or directly in the circle of friends to lobby possible demanders, introduce customers to the company, should actually sign the price, with a solid reputation guarantee to give you 5%-1/3 of the return.

[2] As a distributor, you can purchase our plastic products in advance and make some display space in your store. All the products provided by our company are of high quality, and many of them are still in the seller's market, which can definitely bring you unexpected financial resources. And the contract guarantees that no matter what reason the distributor needs to return the goods, the company will unconditionally refund part or all of the amount.

[3] As a regional agent, without any investment, only sufficient capacity and suitable conditions are required. After examination, the head office will authorize you to act as an agent for regional affairs and give you considerable remuneration according to the actual amount of affairs entrusted to you.

While improving our products, we provide full support for agents in terms of technical support, market promotion, training and other aspects of our products, provide generous profit margins, and avoid worries for agents to develop their business. If you are interested in this, please contact us!