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The joining conditions of light



[1]Detailed understanding of the company's business philosophy, product structure and cooperation patterns through phone and website. 

Can online application to join, can also be directly withTrade Department Clerk>>


Related information including: 

(1) the basic situation of the joining mechanism; 

(2) a copy of the copy of the business license of the franchise institution; 

(3) a copy of the identity card of the legal person; 

(4) financial information, such as the balance sheet, the income statement, etc.; 

(5), the business plan for the development of the eastern standard project in the local area. 

[3]Please fill in all the contents of the application form, because the table will be the basis of the qualification of your organization.

[4]Such as joining the application through, will sign the "authorization contract". 

[5]Authorized to sign the contract, received the qualification confirmation in accordance with the contract for payment. 


[6]After confirmation of receipt of payments, the headquarters will be required under the contract to send the licensed materials (logo, operation manual and other support materials, etc.). 


Follow-up support:

The upgrading of products, management and guidance, make you Houguwuyou




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