the oil war.

"The First Book to Understand the World Pattern: The Oil War" is based on the sharp drop in oil prices, the devaluation of the ruble, and the US-Russian oil struggle. It combines major historical events such as the Middle East War, the Chechen War, the US-Soviet hegemony, and the disintegration of the Soviet Union with the currentUkrainethe civil war, the Crimea dispute and other current affairs hot spots are connected in series to explain to readers the geopolitical and political factors behind the incident, such as the formation of petrodollars; the game between the United States, the Soviet Union and the European Union in the Middle East after the end of the Second World War;USAandSaudi Arabiajoined forces to promote the disintegration of the Soviet Union through low oil prices. The book will also detail the origin of the recent Ukraine crisis, as well as the game between Russia, the United States and Europe.China's oil development strategy.


Wang Wei, freelance writer and consultant of investment company. During the university, he taught military theory courses for the national defense students of our school. At the end of 2006, he began to write analytical articles on strategy and current affairs for the "Shipborne Weapons" magazine. From the perspective of history and economy, he analyzed international strategic issues and also involved internal affairs and economy. Published the best-selling books "The First Book to Understand the World Pattern" and "The First Book to Understand the World Pattern 2", with cumulative sales exceeding 500000 copies.

Wonderful Book Review

★The world pattern is a very common word. People majoring in national politics in universities always talk about it, but they can't talk about taxi drivers. The taxi driver will speak, but can't make sense. For the first time, I heard people talk about the pattern. It was so popular and interesting. I used the principles of economics to talk about the changes of the world with relish.

-- Zhang Ming Professor of Renmin University of China

★Instead of making a mystery as popular nowadays, the author uses the most simple and easy-to-understand language to simplify the seemingly complicated things and present the reader with a more real world.

-Director of the Highlights of Shi Shusi's Workers' Daily

★What the author of this book shows me is not a simple imitation of western strategic thinking. The thinking in this book is Chinese style, just like traditional Chinese medicine. Compared with the past, we feel very fresh, but we must admit that it is indeed very effective.

-- Author of Kato Kato's Logic of China